Forgiven - Not Forgotten

In terms of spiritual awareness and living our lives "as above, so below," it's important to consider a number of concepts and try to fit them into daily living patterns. There's no use in giving lip service to certain concepts, such as honor and if we don't follow through on them in our lives. That makes our lives a mere shadow, not the bright light of cleanliness, joy, and happiness we want to mirror from the angels above.

The angels can only touch our lives when we first understand our own responsibility to life and to them. Without that, while they may try out of love for us, they can never reach us. If we fail to follow through or cheat on that honor, we create a screen that filters out the light of love and forgiveness from on high because no matter how we rationalize it, we can't forgive ourselves. We speak of love, forgiveness, joy, and unity, but we live in lies, cheating, and shame. The easy way out, is to face our responsibilities and to begin to rebuild our honor.

People and angels alike are more than willing to work with those who try to rebuild, even from the bottom of the barrel. All it takes is an honest commitment and a follow through on that commitment.

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